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3 Weeks on ADHD meds.

I've now been taking a low dose of ADHD meds for 3 weeks. What I've noticed so far.

A stiff jaw with lots of jaw clenching. It's easing as the weeks go by.

Dry mouth.

Not flicking through songs on the radio as much as usual.

Not falling asleep as soon as my mind relaxes in particular when in front of the TV or driving.

I've watched an entire movie without getting up, fidgeting, moving about, talking or scrolling on my phone. I actually did this 2 nights in a row.

I'm not going out all the time; I don't think I've ever stayed home this much (not even during lockdown). I'm not making plans for every moment of the day. I'm doing things about the house and last weekend I even sat outside and painted a cubby house without chatting excessively or starting/stopping to do other things.

I'm not posting on social media as much as I typically do and I'm not feeling any sense of withdrawals or a need to share everything I'm doing all of the time.

I'm eating less and not focussed on food (until the meds start wearing off).

I'm quieter. I'm still - I can be still.

I'm not hyper-focussed on any one thing.

I'm not overly self-talking myself through anxieties or guilt.

I'm letting things be and not overthinking them. I typically go back and forth with so many thoughts about certain situations and have worried myself sick about how something could turn out without even knowing how the other party feels.

My thoughts are slower so I can process them more effectively.

I've started to reflect deeper; in particular with relationships/friendships and I've felt some sadness because younger me deserved to feel some of the calm that I'm now feeling.

There's no use in sitting with sadness or regret (too long) but the thoughts went there because as I put it to the partner "I could have 2 degrees by now if I were medicated earlier".

Whilst I've never felt like a failure I have wished that I had achieved more.

Lastly; last week I was overwhelmed with a situation and I was able to identify it and vocalise it before it became too hard to handle.

I wonder how many times in the past I've gone into fight or flight because of overwhelm?


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